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Lesson 12

Success Tips 1

“Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. 
It is not something to be waited for, 
rather something to be achieved.”

-William Jennings Bryan

Lesson 12 – Success Tips 1

Congratulations. By investing in yourself you are doing what winners do. You are taking responsibility over your future. Take this course as seriously as you have ever taken anything in your life. If you do, you will develop the habits that lead to success.


Download the audios to your phone so you can listen to them more than once. Repetition is the mother of knowledge. MP3 – click here


Print up the worksheets and do the exercises to get the most out of this program. PDF – click here


Keep a journal to record your notes and experiences.

In This Lesson:

Maximizing Possibilities

Becoming Opportunistic

Developing Courage



Choices Leading to Success

Rules for Success