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Muhammad Ali

When Muhammad Ali said, “I am the GREATEST!” He was doing several things at once; he was psyching out his opponents, he was branding himself, he was getting publicity, but most importantly, he was conditioning his subconscious mind to help him become “The Greatest.”

You can program your subconscious mind to become an automatic “guiding system” that will help you realize your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Affirmations, also known as “self-talk” are precise statements that describe goals in their completed state, such as “I am enjoying the benefits of living in my dream home in the Rocky Mountains,” or “I am feeling light, trim and fit in my ideal body weight of 125.”

In order for affirmations to effectively be picked up by your subconscious mind, they must have certain characteristics:

They must start with the words I am.

They must be written in the present tense.

They must be stated in the positive. The subconscious mind does not understand negatives. It understands word pictures. So if you said, “I never overeat,” it would understand, “I overeat.”

Affirmations must be short and sweet.

They must be precise, not general. “I’m fit and trim,” is not as powerful as “I’m a fit and trim 145 lbs.”

The best time to read your affirmations is first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Read them with passion and emotion. Preferably while looking at yourself in the mirror.

“The Champion’s Creed” is a powerful affirmation that will put you in a strong, determined state of mind. Determination is a powerful state of mind because when you are determined to do something, nothing will make you quit.

Read “The Champion’s Creed” with power and energy whenever you need to do something challenging, like making a presentation, making an important sales call, or whenever you need an edge to be your best.


You can use the guidelines above to write your own affirmations or you can use the following ones:


General Affirmations

I can do whatever I set my mind to.

I am living the life I choose and I choose to live a magnificent life.

I enjoy getting things done on time.

I am great at remembering names.

I am a people magnet.

I am full of energy and enthusiasm.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

I’m a winner.

I respect myself.

I am in control of my life.

I am healthy, energetic, and full of life.

I eat the right foods in the right amounts.

I work well under pressure.

I handle problems well.

I’m ready to take on anything.

I always do what I need to do when I need to do it.

I am always in control of my emotions.

I am a terrific listener. I pay full attention to what others are saying.

I take full responsibility for my actions.

I set goals and follow them.

I spend quality and quantity time with my family.


Affirmations to Get Motivated

I believe in myself.

I have the power to realize my dreams.

I have spirit, drive, endurance, and stamina.

I am self-assured.

I am determined, bold, and confident.

I’m a winner and I can do it.

I see opportunities everywhere I go.

I am full of energy and enthusiasm.

I can accomplish anything I choose.

I can do anything I set my mind on.

If I can believe it, I can achieve it.

I have what it takes to reach my goals.

I have the skills, the talent, and the desire to win.

I set goals and then I reach them.

I know what I want, and I do whatever it takes to achieve it.

I am unstoppable.

I get things done.

I’m an outstanding person.

I’m one in a million.

I am full of conviction and desire.

I meet challenges head on.

I am going for the gold!

I know what I want and I know how to get it.

If it is to be it is up to me.

I have what it takes to win big.

I tackle challenges head on.

I choose to make today a masterpiece.


Affirmations to Become More Responsible

I can be counted on to fulfill my promises.

I under promise and over deliver.

I carry my own weight.

I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions.

I enjoy being responsible.

Being responsible helps me be in control of my own life.

I make my own choices.

I accept responsibility for my own emotions.

Being responsible makes me happy.


Affirmations to Eliminate Worry

I always picture the best outcome possible.

I am always bold, decisive, and confident.

I believe the best will come to be.

I choose to be optimistic, and filled with self-assurance.

I attract the best from others.

I always focus on the positive.

I am always cheerful, enthusiastic, and full of good thoughts.

I am in control of my own thinking.

I am calm, cool, and confident.

I focus on good thoughts.

I focus my mind only on those things I can do something about.

I’m too busy thinking good thoughts to have time to worry.

I control my thoughts and I choose to think only positive thoughts.


Affirmations for Quitting Smoking

I am healthy, strong, and vibrant.

I always take care of myself.

I keep myself fit and physically strong.

I am proud of my exceptional health.

I enjoy my life.

I have energy and stamina.

I am in control of myself.

I always do what is best for me and for my future.

I love breathing clean, fresh air.

I am in complete control of my body and my mind.

I can achieve any goal I set my mind on.

I keep myself fit and healthy with regular exercise.

I am full of self confidence and self respect.

I am proud of my healthy lifestyle and it shows.


Affirmations to Build Self-Esteem

I like who I am. I feel good about myself.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.

I am unique in every way and I am proud of who I am.

I am filled with great qualities.

I make a difference in other people’s lives.

I make a difference in the world.

I have many great skills and talents.

I am confident, strong, and positive.

I am full of life.

I am a special person and enjoy being me.

I am a happy person.

I radiate positive energy.

I am intelligent.

I have gifts and talents that make me unique.

I like being around other people an others enjoy my company.

I am a happy person.

I am grateful for all my blessings.


Affirmations to Lose Weight

I enjoy eating slowly.

I exercise regularly to speed up my metabolism.

I eat only what I should.

I am in better shape every day.

I take full responsibility for my weight.

Controlling my weight is easy for me.

I drink plenty of water every day.

I associate with other healthy individuals.

I can reach my goals.

I am in control of my actions.

I am reaching my ideal weight of _____.

I enjoy eating proper portions.

I eat something light and healthy every 3 hours.


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez